A guide to choosing the right closet

The truth about planning the right closet is that it doesn’t matter if the space is big or small, the key is to use the available space efficiently as possible.

In choosing the right closet for your home, you need to decide what you really need from a closet and how much space do you have available for it.

Before placing an order for your closet, here are some of the things you need to consider.


Measure the space and identify the wall structure

Before starting anything else, draw a plan for your closet. Begin by measuring the dimension of available space for the closet. Measure the height, width and depth of the wall. You should know that not all houses have a well-defined wall. By measuring all the edges, you will save yourself from any extra stress of fitting the closet in the available space.

The width, depth, return walls and the size of the doors will help you to determine size and style of shelving and accessories you will be placing inside the closet.


Materials and hardware matters

Designs of closet can be realized in different materials to achieve different price point. Make sure the company you choose form offers a variety of finishes, from wood to laminate. This gives you the advantage of choosing from a variety of available options. Make sure the material you choose can stand through the test of time, because closets cannot be easily replaced in the house without going through a lot of trouble.

You should also consider the suitability of the material for what you intend to store in the closet. Not all materials are good for storing food or clothes.

The hardware is also one of the most important component to choose for storage system. You don’t want to get a closet that won’t close perfectly after a month of purchase.


Design and Blueprint of the space

For a perfectly set up closet, the design must be accurate. Starting with the most obvious closet essentials like the shelves, hanging rods to the hangers. Make the most use of your small closet space by equipping it with components that are high on functionality. Instead of a long hanging rod, you can opt for a pair of shorter valet rods to hang your clothes. You should ensure that the rod is at a safe distance from the door of the closet.


Make room for footwear

Considering the amount of clothes you will store in your closet, you should make available room for your footwear. Your footwear is an integral part of your wardrobe and should have a dedicated storage area in your closet. Separate shoes, clothes, and other accessories to enhance visibility and maximize your closet’s functionality.


Choose the right lighting for your closet

Even the smallest closest needs a little illumination to lighten up the space. One of the best way to light up your closest is painting the walls with light-reflective colors. For closets with organization system, it will be simpler to go for a pre-installed lighting system.



You should the considerate of the amount of money you have at hand before deciding on the particular type of closet you want. Ready-made closet are always the cheapest, but make sure the ready-made closet will fit into the allotted closet space.