how to buy bed and mattress

How To Buy Bed and Mattress?

Shopping for a new bedroom furniture set is not something you do every day. A new bed and mattress are major purchases, considering the time a person spends on the bed. A third of a lifetime.

Purchasing the first bed and mattress you see may turn out to be a bad decision because the mattress may not be a good fit for your back. This means uncomfortable nights and possibly back pain.

We offer you a few tips here that have helped us to find and buy bed and mattress. If you are shopping for these items yourself, take a few minutes and read on. This will help you make a better purchase.


Thoughts on shopping for a bed

Bed's size. First, you will want a bed big enough for your and your partner. But for you how big is big enough? King size or queen size? Normal sized bed? One good way to find out is to measure your current bed or sleeping space to get an idea, what size it is. You already know if there is enough space for you and your partner. If not, go shopping for beds and mattresses that are a bit wider.

If the bedroom is on the smaller side and every bed may not fit, pay attention to measure the bedroom first. This will give you an idea, what sized bed can fit there.

There should be room to move around the bed easily and get into it from both sides of the bed. If a bed is next to a wall and one person has to climb over the other to get to bed, that is not the best option.

If you are a tall person, you should take the bed's length into consideration too. Most beds and mattresses come in same length, while the width varies.

Then comes the bed's height. You want to get on and off it with ease. This means that the bedframe with mattress on top, should be on the height that is suitable for you. Again pay attention to your current sleeping space and whether it is right height, or not. If not, would higher bed be more comfortable? Or a lower one? We think that a bit higher bed in general is a safer bed. As sitting in a taller chair instantly improves the posterior, so does sitting on taller bed's edge. A lower bed means slouching and sometimes (ahem, esp. Monday mornings... 🙂 ) crawling  out of bed, which may not be the best feeling.

Last, consider the brand and price. Not all cheap beds are bad. But you can be sure that a more expensive and well known brand's name will guarantee you a bed that lasts for years, and can be re-assembled quite a few times when moving. Cheaper bed may not "survive" one moving and being taken apart, to be re-assembed again in a new place. With furniture always go for quality.

Thoughts of shopping for a mattress

As a third of your life is spent on a mattress of some kind, take your time when choosing a new one.

The right mattress is a right one accoring to your personal preferences. No one mattress suits well for everybody.

First of all, choose the mattress that is right size for the bed frame. Or a bedroom furnitrue set, which includes bed, mattress, and other bedroom essentials.

Go with mattress that balances good back support and comfort.

When shopping for a mattress with maximum amount of support, be aware that medium-firm mattresses in general may be the most comfortable. These allow hips and shoulders to sink in slightly. That prevents stiffness which comes for sleeping on too firm surfaces.

When you have back problems or neck problems, consult a specialist. At least with a sales person. The problems may be alleviated by choosing firmer mattress, as firmer means more support. When you are doing sports or yoga simply to ease pains, a good mattress can help you to recover faster and be an ally to your body.

Higher quality mattresses have more coils and thicker padding. You can be sure that a higher quality mattress with a recognized brand name will last you longer, than the cheapest one.

Purchase mattress only from a store with customer friendly return policy. Many mattress stores or online stores will allow returning a mattress after purchase, when you are not satisfied with the purchase.

As with bed frame, go for quality. You get what you pay for. Remember that most people use mattresses over five, often up to ten years before replacing these. Take your time when choosing a mattress.

Follow the tips here and you will make a good decision when choosing these essentials to your bedroom.