A Guide To Choosing The Right Closet

A guide to choosing the right closet

The truth about planning the right closet is that it doesn’t matter if the space is big or small, the key is to use the available space efficiently as possible.

In choosing the right closet for your home, you need to decide what you really need from a closet and how much space do you have available for it.

Before placing an order for your closet, here are some of the things you need to consider.


Measure the space and identify the wall structure

Before starting anything else, draw a plan for your closet. Begin by measuring the dimension of available space for the closet. Measure the height, width and depth of the wall. You should know that not all houses have a well-defined wall. By measuring all the edges, you will save yourself from any extra stress of fitting the closet in the available space.

The width, depth, return walls and the size of the doors will help you to determine size and style of shelving and accessories you will be placing inside the closet.


Materials and hardware matters

Designs of closet can be realized in different materials to achieve different price point. Make sure the company you choose form offers a variety of finishes, from wood to laminate. This gives you the advantage of choosing from a variety of available options. Make sure the material you choose can stand through the test of time, because closets cannot be easily replaced in the house without going through a lot of trouble.

You should also consider the suitability of the material for what you intend to store in the closet. Not all materials are good for storing food or clothes.

The hardware is also one of the most important component to choose for storage system. You don’t want to get a closet that won’t close perfectly after a month of purchase.


Design and Blueprint of the space

For a perfectly set up closet, the design must be accurate. Starting with the most obvious closet essentials like the shelves, hanging rods to the hangers. Make the most use of your small closet space by equipping it with components that are high on functionality. Instead of a long hanging rod, you can opt for a pair of shorter valet rods to hang your clothes. You should ensure that the rod is at a safe distance from the door of the closet.


Make room for footwear

Considering the amount of clothes you will store in your closet, you should make available room for your footwear. Your footwear is an integral part of your wardrobe and should have a dedicated storage area in your closet. Separate shoes, clothes, and other accessories to enhance visibility and maximize your closet’s functionality.


Choose the right lighting for your closet

Even the smallest closest needs a little illumination to lighten up the space. One of the best way to light up your closest is painting the walls with light-reflective colors. For closets with organization system, it will be simpler to go for a pre-installed lighting system.



You should the considerate of the amount of money you have at hand before deciding on the particular type of closet you want. Ready-made closet are always the cheapest, but make sure the ready-made closet will fit into the allotted closet space.

Area Rug Thoughs

area rugs

Area Rugs

There are alternatives to replacing your flooring. One alternative is to decorate it with area rugs. These rugs offer plenty of options. You can easily dress up a hallway. Or add color to living room. Area rugs are easy to find and affordable. Unlike new flooring, choosing rugs offers you the ability to move these around according to your taste. With all the benefits area rugs offer, it is a no-brainer to move rugs to the top of your home decor shopping list.


Area Rugs Offer Many Benefits

Area rugs are affordable. Replacing flooring will be costly. The labor even more so. Adding an area rug to the room is easy and affordable. No labor costs involved to lay down a rug.

Instant dynamic change in the room. When you decide to add an area rug on the floor, other colors in the room will instantly pop out. Rugs color complements everything else in the room. A rug can add accent to your current flooring. It will definitely add texture and character to any room.

Wide variety of choices to select from. Rugs come in many shapes, sizes and colors. Not to mention different patterns. If you like, you can even have a rug custom made.

When buying a rug to decorate your home, you have to remember several things. You should take a bit of time to shop around. To find a rug that is just perfect for your home. It pays off well to consider what a rug should be like. Which tone and color. What size. Where should it go and what  should it bring out in the room.

Determine the needs of the area. This is the first thing to do. Determine the area's needs. Let's say you would very much like to add an area rug to your living room. Take time for measuring. Measure the section of the room where you would like the rug to be. Do not guess! Guessing will always lead to a mistake when choosing home decor or furniture.

Think of the current flooring. What color is it? Buying a rug that accents your flooring's color will always bring benefits. Maybe you are able to find rug with the same type of pattern as your current flooring. That would be the most perfect option.

Think of the room's atmosphere. The rug should complement everything else in the room. The existing tones and colors in the room. It should not stand out as the most dominating decor piece in the room.

As a last thing, you should consider traffic in the room and get a rug that matches it. When placing an area rug under a table where small children often eat, you need to look for a rug that can be cleaned easily. The same with choosing a rug which will be near a door.

How to Buy Bed And Mattress?

how to buy bed and mattress

How To Buy Bed and Mattress?

Shopping for a new bedroom furniture set is not something you do every day. A new bed and mattress are major purchases, considering the time a person spends on the bed. A third of a lifetime.

Purchasing the first bed and mattress you see may turn out to be a bad decision because the mattress may not be a good fit for your back. This means uncomfortable nights and possibly back pain.

We offer you a few tips here that have helped us to find and buy bed and mattress. If you are shopping for these items yourself, take a few minutes and read on. This will help you make a better purchase.


Thoughts on shopping for a bed

Bed's size. First, you will want a bed big enough for your and your partner. But for you how big is big enough? King size or queen size? Normal sized bed? One good way to find out is to measure your current bed or sleeping space to get an idea, what size it is. You already know if there is enough space for you and your partner. If not, go shopping for beds and mattresses that are a bit wider.

If the bedroom is on the smaller side and every bed may not fit, pay attention to measure the bedroom first. This will give you an idea, what sized bed can fit there.

There should be room to move around the bed easily and get into it from both sides of the bed. If a bed is next to a wall and one person has to climb over the other to get to bed, that is not the best option.

If you are a tall person, you should take the bed's length into consideration too. Most beds and mattresses come in same length, while the width varies.

Then comes the bed's height. You want to get on and off it with ease. This means that the bedframe with mattress on top, should be on the height that is suitable for you. Again pay attention to your current sleeping space and whether it is right height, or not. If not, would higher bed be more comfortable? Or a lower one? We think that a bit higher bed in general is a safer bed. As sitting in a taller chair instantly improves the posterior, so does sitting on taller bed's edge. A lower bed means slouching and sometimes (ahem, esp. Monday mornings... 🙂 ) crawling  out of bed, which may not be the best feeling.

Last, consider the brand and price. Not all cheap beds are bad. But you can be sure that a more expensive and well known brand's name will guarantee you a bed that lasts for years, and can be re-assembled quite a few times when moving. Cheaper bed may not "survive" one moving and being taken apart, to be re-assembed again in a new place. With furniture always go for quality.

Thoughts of shopping for a mattress

As a third of your life is spent on a mattress of some kind, take your time when choosing a new one.

The right mattress is a right one accoring to your personal preferences. No one mattress suits well for everybody.

First of all, choose the mattress that is right size for the bed frame. Or a bedroom furnitrue set, which includes bed, mattress, and other bedroom essentials.

Go with mattress that balances good back support and comfort.

When shopping for a mattress with maximum amount of support, be aware that medium-firm mattresses in general may be the most comfortable. These allow hips and shoulders to sink in slightly. That prevents stiffness which comes for sleeping on too firm surfaces.

When you have back problems or neck problems, consult a specialist. At least with a sales person. The problems may be alleviated by choosing firmer mattress, as firmer means more support. When you are doing sports or yoga simply to ease pains, a good mattress can help you to recover faster and be an ally to your body.

Higher quality mattresses have more coils and thicker padding. You can be sure that a higher quality mattress with a recognized brand name will last you longer, than the cheapest one.

Purchase mattress only from a store with customer friendly return policy. Many mattress stores or online stores will allow returning a mattress after purchase, when you are not satisfied with the purchase.

As with bed frame, go for quality. You get what you pay for. Remember that most people use mattresses over five, often up to ten years before replacing these. Take your time when choosing a mattress.

Follow the tips here and you will make a good decision when choosing these essentials to your bedroom.

Kitchen Decorating Ideas DIY on Budget

kitchen decorating ideas diy

Kitchen Decorating Ideas DIY on Budget


In spite of what is written in trendy design magazines, updating your kitchen’s look does not require spending a lot of money. And time. With some simple and relatively inexpensive ways you can give your kitchen a brand new look.

A small change here, another one there. Before you know it, you have created a big effect on how different your kitchen looks. There are many ways to get kitchen decorating ideas nowadays. From Internet of course. Also from magazines. Even from TV shows.


Here are seven kitchen decorating ideas which do not require a thick wallet. With these tips you can make a big change happen on a small budget.


Decide on an overall color theme first

As you plan to decorate your kitchen, there probably is a good reason for it. Some ways it looks are not that appealing to you. So you have an idea what to change. Before you get to work, think things through. Decide on an overall color theme. In general it is a good idea to choose a base color, which would cover most of the area. And an accent color. Something bolder and different. Which would help to balance the base color.

In living rooms different light yellow tones are often used, as a base color. Brown couch is often the item that stands out, if you can imagine it. Think things through with the kitchen’s colors too.


Repainting the cabinet fronts and doors

Since doors and fronts are often sole visible part of a cabinet, you can simply repaint the cabinet fronts when they start to look aged. Usually that is the case of kitchens which have over ten years of experience. This will bring a new look and feel to your kitchen.


Replacing cabinet handles

Tiny change such as replacing handles or knobs on cabinets can make a big difference that you feel every time you open the cabinet.


Repainting a wall or two

Updating color on walls is another quick and simple decorating trick. Go with bolder colors on smaller wall areas for more interesting results.


Updating kitchen sink and faucet

There are many moderately priced sinks available. Sinks with different colors and textures. Would you prefer a porcelain sink? Or one made of stainless steel, to replace the current one with?

Replacing the faucet can be small detail, but it can make a big difference in usability.


Add a kitchen island

Kitchen islands, space permitting, are a simple way to add much more counter space to the kitchen. The area around kitchen island works great as a gathering space.

If a permanent kitchen island is out of question, you may consider simply a kitchen cart. It can have drawers and shelves. Not to mention places to hang utensils. Most kitchen carts have wheels so itcan be moved out of the way, when needed.


Add a kitchen back-splash

A new back-splash is one of the cheapest kitchen decorating ideas DIY, which packs a real visual whammy. There are back-splashes available with photos, or glass imitation. Or would a solid colored panel add the much needed balance in the overall color of the room? You can use a back-splash for that.

You can even get a set of lovely tiles and glue then as a back-splash.

To sum the article up, there are many ways to decorate a kitchen on budget. You just have to choose which one to try out first.

Living Room Ideas and Decor

living room ideas decor

Living Room Ideas and Decor

There are easy ways you can turn your living room into a space you’ll love to be in. Make the room look like it was designed by a professional designer.

We say often that function is more important than form. So before you start your interior design adventure, hold on. Take time to think, what is your living room for. Is it a place to mainly watch TV? To entertain large groups of guests? A place for intimate gatherings of friends and family? Or simply a space to relax and kick back?

The answer will help to determine the layout of the room. When you entertain many people there, then you will need the space to be more open. So your guests can move around freely in the room. Without bumping into each other and into furniture. But if you host more intimate groupings, then the furniture needs to be arranged for promoting conversations.


Choose furniture which matches your needs

When you know the desired function of the room, then comes the time to work on the form. There is a number of wonderful furniture pieces on the market today. You can get not only inviting sofas and loveseats, but also more interesting options. Sectionals with a built-in chaise, for example.

When you entertain a lot, think of going with sets of furniture. Or simply pieces which you can move easily around the room.

If you mainly have family and friends in the living room, we recommend going with a large sectional grouping and a comfortable recliner or two. That way you all can sit comfortably together, and there is always an option for someone to chosoe the recliner for a bit more personal space.


Pay attention to the colors

Colors suitable to the room will really make a room come to life. Living room is not exception. Go with wall colors which compliment your furnishings. It is relatively safe to choose light colored walls, when you’re thinking of darker furniture.

One interesting trick is using accent color on a single wall. In the living room pictured below, where would you add accent color? It can be entire wall or just a part. A stripe.

Both the main color and accent should work together with one another. Not compete for attention in the room.

living room ideas

Go timeless

Resist the temptation to buy the trendiest furnishings or accessories. In a year these will become dated. Choose furniture models in color combinations which have proven themselves throughout the years. Good taste never goes out of style, while trends do. Then again in you really like idea of trendy furnishings, rather get a few trendy accessories. You can always replace the accessories, yet replacing a furniture set is a larger expense. And go with what you like in the end. It is your living room after all.


Let the lights shine

Lightning. Fixtures. Reflective surfaces on tables. Lighter curtains which let natural sunlight through. When in doubt, go with more lightning sources on the room, rather than less. That way you can always turn on just the lights you need to create the mood you want. For any company.

For readers a reading lamp by the couch, which can easily be moved, is a must.

If you use your laptop on the sofa a lot, you will want to avoid placing a lamp right behind you. That way you can avoid unpleasant light reflections on the screen.


Enhance decor with rugs

Do you have a large open space? Consider breaking it into different smaller areas. One easy way to do this visually is using rugs. This may seem odd at first, but think of wall-on-wall carpeting as well. Pay attention that the furnishings either rest on the carpet, or visually touch the edges.


Place larger pieces first

When you have considered the function of the room, you most likely have good idea of they furniture layout already. Choose and place larger furniture pieces first. Sofas. Love seats. Sectionals.

Drawing a room and furniture pieces out on paper and playing around with placement on paper, before bringing the items in, helps to save a lot of time. And even money, if the chosen furniture appears later to be not a perfect fit for the room.


Add accessories later

When the larger furniture pieces have their place, it’s time to add smaller furniture. Coffee tables. Accessories, such as lamps and plants. Place art on the wall as a final step.

Most of all, just have fun with the redecorating project you have going on. It is important to have the furniture you like. Rest of the accessories can be added or changed easily later too.

Why Prefer Versatile Furniture?

versatile furniture

Why Prefer Versatile Furniture?

If there is single thing that sets the mood and appearance for every room, it's furniture. Good furniture sets out to enhance the look and mood of every room.

What is a sofa set good for? It provides a comfortable place to seat guests. Your best friend whom you may see every week. Or relatives you may see less frequently. A sofa set offers a place relax and to mingle.

What about the dining table? A dining table is the unrecognized glue between families and shared meals. Shared quality time between the people.

For those with limited income or tight budget, shopping for furniture can be somewhat of a hassle. It is a big decision after all, as a quality furniture set will last for years to come. So what to do with the furniture you do have? How to take the maximum of it?

The key is owning and buying versatile furniture, whenever possible. Buying select and versatile furnishings means that the items you own, will serve several purposes. These furnishings can also be easily moved around the home, whenever there is need for it.

A good example of a versatile furniture item is an Storage Ottoman. Small multi-functional piece of furniture. It serves as a storage space, often for pillows. It is also a seat. A bench. A place to lay your feet when you relax on the couch.

Another common example is a couch which doubles as a bed for two, when opened up. Most of the time these couches have storage space unerneath, for bed linen and pillows. In Europe it is common to have such couches in living rooms. Often in apartments which are less than 1000 square feet large. When a guest or even two guests are staying over and spending the night, they will be offered to sleep on that couch. That way it is possible to host even two people, in smaller houses and apartments.

These are just two examples. Can you think of more furniture items which have more than one use?

Having such items around is the key to versatility and making the most of the furniture.

A practical tip is to always shop for versatile items one by one, or in furniture sets. It is just more convenient to buy a dining table with matching chairs, than just a dining table. Then chairs separately. When buying a set you can be sure that the furniture there matches well.

What would make a table set versatile in this case? Some table sets offer a way to store chairs below the table, above the gound. Or folded up, under the table, when you do not need the chairs. When you have to clean the house by yourself, it is very convenient to have the chairs above the floor, not on the floor.

Hopefully you got a new idea out of this article, what to look for, when shopping for furniture.

Furniture Shopping Tips

furniture shopping tips

Furniture Shopping Tips

Shopping for furniture can be tiresome. It usually happens when moving from current home to a new place. Or even, when you have just moved in to a new home, with a couple of furniture pieces.

Here are tips to help you choose the furniture for a new place.

Choose neutral colors and hues, whenever possible. Neutral in the sense of the base color of the furniture. Black. Tan. Brown. Navy. White. Dark green. This is especially important for upholstered items. Furniture in neutral color will serve as an anchor color for entire room.

Decide on a color scheme of the home and rooms. A safe and popular choice is to make white your anchor color. Then add accessories and fabrics to accentuate your chosen color scheme.

If you choose the same color scheme throughout your home, you can easily rearrange and move furniture from one room to another. This will make everything as versatile, as possible. Your furniture will look great in every room, no matter, where you place it.

Purchase smaller items in pairs. When you are shopping for items such as lamps, pillows or side chairs, buy two or four of them. This helps in any room to create symmetry and also continuity. A single item or three items will not have that effect.

Think out of the box. Out of all furniture shopping tips, this is one of the most important ones. There are unlimited ways to combine and store items. A cabinet can hold a TV and DVDs. Nothing new in this, right? But what if you choose a projector and a screen instead of a TV? It will be a whole new experience. Also for storing things. You may not need a dresser that takes up an entire wall. Perhaps a smaller dresser will do? Could a walk-in wardrobe be built there instead?

Last part - choose quality over price. Make sure that the fabric on upholstered furniture piece is strong enough to last at least a few years. Do not be shy in asking questions and for advice, whereever you are shopping. You can always ask the advice, yet it does not bring you an obligation of making a large purchase there.

Altogether, do not hesitate to experiment. With different pieces of furniture.

Or in life in general. Mix and match different things to see, what works and what does not work so well. As long as you remember to keep your accessories versatile, you will get a great result.