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Kitchen Decorating Ideas DIY on Budget


In spite of what is written in trendy design magazines, updating your kitchen’s look does not require spending a lot of money. And time. With some simple and relatively inexpensive ways you can give your kitchen a brand new look.

A small change here, another one there. Before you know it, you have created a big effect on how different your kitchen looks. There are many ways to get kitchen decorating ideas nowadays. From Internet of course. Also from magazines. Even from TV shows.


Here are seven kitchen decorating ideas which do not require a thick wallet. With these tips you can make a big change happen on a small budget.


Decide on an overall color theme first

As you plan to decorate your kitchen, there probably is a good reason for it. Some ways it looks are not that appealing to you. So you have an idea what to change. Before you get to work, think things through. Decide on an overall color theme. In general it is a good idea to choose a base color, which would cover most of the area. And an accent color. Something bolder and different. Which would help to balance the base color.

In living rooms different light yellow tones are often used, as a base color. Brown couch is often the item that stands out, if you can imagine it. Think things through with the kitchen’s colors too.


Repainting the cabinet fronts and doors

Since doors and fronts are often sole visible part of a cabinet, you can simply repaint the cabinet fronts when they start to look aged. Usually that is the case of kitchens which have over ten years of experience. This will bring a new look and feel to your kitchen.


Replacing cabinet handles

Tiny change such as replacing handles or knobs on cabinets can make a big difference that you feel every time you open the cabinet.


Repainting a wall or two

Updating color on walls is another quick and simple decorating trick. Go with bolder colors on smaller wall areas for more interesting results.


Updating kitchen sink and faucet

There are many moderately priced sinks available. Sinks with different colors and textures. Would you prefer a porcelain sink? Or one made of stainless steel, to replace the current one with?

Replacing the faucet can be small detail, but it can make a big difference in usability.


Add a kitchen island

Kitchen islands, space permitting, are a simple way to add much more counter space to the kitchen. The area around kitchen island works great as a gathering space.

If a permanent kitchen island is out of question, you may consider simply a kitchen cart. It can have drawers and shelves. Not to mention places to hang utensils. Most kitchen carts have wheels so itcan be moved out of the way, when needed.


Add a kitchen back-splash

A new back-splash is one of the cheapest kitchen decorating ideas DIY, which packs a real visual whammy. There are back-splashes available with photos, or glass imitation. Or would a solid colored panel add the much needed balance in the overall color of the room? You can use a back-splash for that.

You can even get a set of lovely tiles and glue then as a back-splash.

To sum the article up, there are many ways to decorate a kitchen on budget. You just have to choose which one to try out first.