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Living Room Ideas and Decor

There are easy ways you can turn your living room into a space you’ll love to be in. Make the room look like it was designed by a professional designer.

We say often that function is more important than form. So before you start your interior design adventure, hold on. Take time to think, what is your living room for. Is it a place to mainly watch TV? To entertain large groups of guests? A place for intimate gatherings of friends and family? Or simply a space to relax and kick back?

The answer will help to determine the layout of the room. When you entertain many people there, then you will need the space to be more open. So your guests can move around freely in the room. Without bumping into each other and into furniture. But if you host more intimate groupings, then the furniture needs to be arranged for promoting conversations.


Choose furniture which matches your needs

When you know the desired function of the room, then comes the time to work on the form. There is a number of wonderful furniture pieces on the market today. You can get not only inviting sofas and loveseats, but also more interesting options. Sectionals with a built-in chaise, for example.

When you entertain a lot, think of going with sets of furniture. Or simply pieces which you can move easily around the room.

If you mainly have family and friends in the living room, we recommend going with a large sectional grouping and a comfortable recliner or two. That way you all can sit comfortably together, and there is always an option for someone to chosoe the recliner for a bit more personal space.


Pay attention to the colors

Colors suitable to the room will really make a room come to life. Living room is not exception. Go with wall colors which compliment your furnishings. It is relatively safe to choose light colored walls, when you’re thinking of darker furniture.

One interesting trick is using accent color on a single wall. In the living room pictured below, where would you add accent color? It can be entire wall or just a part. A stripe.

Both the main color and accent should work together with one another. Not compete for attention in the room.

living room ideas

Go timeless

Resist the temptation to buy the trendiest furnishings or accessories. In a year these will become dated. Choose furniture models in color combinations which have proven themselves throughout the years. Good taste never goes out of style, while trends do. Then again in you really like idea of trendy furnishings, rather get a few trendy accessories. You can always replace the accessories, yet replacing a furniture set is a larger expense. And go with what you like in the end. It is your living room after all.


Let the lights shine

Lightning. Fixtures. Reflective surfaces on tables. Lighter curtains which let natural sunlight through. When in doubt, go with more lightning sources on the room, rather than less. That way you can always turn on just the lights you need to create the mood you want. For any company.

For readers a reading lamp by the couch, which can easily be moved, is a must.

If you use your laptop on the sofa a lot, you will want to avoid placing a lamp right behind you. That way you can avoid unpleasant light reflections on the screen.


Enhance decor with rugs

Do you have a large open space? Consider breaking it into different smaller areas. One easy way to do this visually is using rugs. This may seem odd at first, but think of wall-on-wall carpeting as well. Pay attention that the furnishings either rest on the carpet, or visually touch the edges.


Place larger pieces first

When you have considered the function of the room, you most likely have good idea of they furniture layout already. Choose and place larger furniture pieces first. Sofas. Love seats. Sectionals.

Drawing a room and furniture pieces out on paper and playing around with placement on paper, before bringing the items in, helps to save a lot of time. And even money, if the chosen furniture appears later to be not a perfect fit for the room.


Add accessories later

When the larger furniture pieces have their place, it’s time to add smaller furniture. Coffee tables. Accessories, such as lamps and plants. Place art on the wall as a final step.

Most of all, just have fun with the redecorating project you have going on. It is important to have the furniture you like. Rest of the accessories can be added or changed easily later too.